Research and inspiration for platform games

The history of platform games

The kind of platform game I wish to create (for both my personal and group project) are side scrolling games, but there are a lot of different platform games. This article shows the “evolution” of platform games. How it all started and the changes made, by different people in the game industry, which have been adapted by others, and together, have formed today’s standard.

Changes in the gameplay of platform games

This article focuses mostly on the biggest gameplay changes in platform games. For example the first platform games were focused on running and jumping. While nowadays these mechanics are still crucial to platform gaming, there are also many  variations that contribute to a more exciting gaming experience. This article goes well with the one above as it also talks about how things changed throughout the years.

In dept article about creating platform games

According to this article there are four different ways to create platform games: two different kind of tile based, bitmask and vectorial. We, illustration students, might not be able to produce the product (a game) just by ourselves, so to make the collaboration smoother, the graphics need to be clear for the people responsible for scripting. In order to understand how to achieve that, we should try to understand (even if it’s just a little) what the scriptors do/how they do it. And this article explains it wonderfully.

The top 25 platform games on the ios

While not necessary an intriguing article on platform games, this article focuses on games (on portable platforms) that have done or are doing extremely well. Every game on the list has a little summary/description about the content of the game and and a short (video)trailer. If you wish to create something that goes viral of liked by many, going through this list will give you a general idea of what kind of games attracts this specific group of gamers.

Chicken Break the game


The game for our group project reminded me of this particular game, Chicken break, in which you help a chicken escape from jail. While he runs from the different jails, he gets chased by rockets, huge boulders, and he needs to avoid a ton of other traps and obstacles. You, as the gamer, need to perform different movements using your hands/fingers on the touchscreen. The gameplay is quite easy, it gradually adds up, every jail/level becomes harder than the previous and this results in a challenging game you can play on the go.

Ori and the blind forest


Ori and the blind forest is still a very new game (In fact, it has yet to come out), but I was very inspired by their story (a coming of age story) and the wonderful/atmospheric graphics. Their inspiration (movies made by studio Ghibli and classics of the like of The lion king) are also very similar to mine. It’s a side scrolling platform game with rpg elements. And it’s a very huge inspiration for me personally.

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